Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thank you Actors!

I want to pay my greatest respect here to all of the hard working actors, especially those who dropped by and auditioned for "Plastic Revolver." I can only imagine how hard it is to make all the auditions, do the cold reading in front of all these strangers (oftentimes kids) and being rejected from time to time.

As I mentioned, last year I applied to 11 film Ph.D programs, none of those which took me. Not even a chance to meet the decision makers in person, it was really hard for me, considering the amount of money, time and hope invested in applying for all the schools. I had to wait half a year till I heard the negative responses.

That's why I'm completely wary when it comes to auditioning actors, because I believe that every single one of them spent a lot of time preparing and presenting their talents. The least I could do as a director is to treat them like human beings, let them feel respected and comfortable when it comes to the audition, and especially when they are rejected.

Casting actors is a very struggling process for me, just because I have to be the person to say no to so many great people. It's often times not about the acting ability or attitude, rather objective reasons like the chemistry between two actors or other reasons. A lot of times a certain person may not fit a particular role in this project, but would be the best choice for another character in another project.

As always, Plastic Revolver will not be my last project, the actors who have expressed enthusiasm and a positive attitude will definitely be the first to be considered in further projects among myself and my colleagues. Thank you and our paths will surely cross again in the future!

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